An intimate and harrowing portrait of two migrant sisters as they cross the Sonoran desert from Mexico to Arizona in search of the American Dream.

Sisters Lupe and Gabriela Reyes leave behind a life of poverty in hopes of a safe and prosperous future in the United States. They travel through the Sonoran desert with a group of other immigrants led by two coyotes (guides) who will drive them into Arizona.

The truck carrying the sisters and other immigrants is spotted by Border Patrol Agents. A violent and deadly exchange occurs causing the sisters to make a last minute decision to run away instead of be detained.

They continue the perilous journey through the desert on foot and face the harsh realities of what many migrant women experience while attempting to cross through the barren desert in pursuit of their dreams.


Lupe Reyes Estefania Rebellon

Gabriela Reyes Mayra Nunez

Gomez Eduardo Pulido

Officer Sanders Mark Wind

Officer Jones Viviana Sarrade

Navaja Paolo Cesar

Jesus Manny Sandoval

Junior Alex Gulati

Jose Ruben Perez

Sandra Maria Laura Quintero

Josh Waters Robert Botts


Directed by Estefania Rebellon and Kyle Thomas Schmidt

Written by Estefania Rebellon and Kyle Thomas Schmidt

Executive Produced by Ariel Nunez and Angel Cassani

Produced by Estefania Rebellon

Director of Photography Pratham Mehta

Edited by Luis Carballar and Ricardo Garcia Turegano

Music Composed by Tori Letzler

Sound Design and Sound Mixer Phil Lee

Colorist Louis Kreusel

On Set Sound Jose Castro

Special Effects Make-up by Jordan Sanders

1st AC Noah Maxey